Feature Request: Decreasing Points Timer On/Off Per Question

I love the new “in order” question feature. This request is kind of tied to that.

It would be very helpful to be able to turn off/on the decreasing points timer on a per-question basis.

In our live events, I like to throw out “quick” bonus questions for a small number of points and at a quicker pace than the normal game. If I am using a decreasing points timer, I have to go in, shut it off, ask the question, get the answer, score the answer, and turn the DPT back on.

I can also see this being very handy for the “put these in order” questions where you give a shorter amount of time to answer the question but want to give full points to everyone that gets it correct.

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This would be a cool feature. You can presently adjust the Question Timer per question to make certain questions longer or shorter than others. But indeed, you cannot turn off the Question Timer nor Decreasing Points (two different settings by the way) per question.