Starting bank of points

Hey Crowdpurr folks,

Is it possible to start players with a bank of points before question #1. I like to run games with all wager questions, and I have been getting around this by making the opening question a 1 choice question that awards points, but it would be easier if I could just start them with a bank. Is this possible?



I know after the first question you can manually add as many points as you like to the teams.

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Also useful for other purposes.

For example: We do several fundraising events. A BIG source of revenue for these in the past has been a 'mulligan" option, whereby teams purchase one question per round that they can automatically get correct. This is such a big revenue stream that groups are very reticent to book an event where they can’t do it. So, I had to come up with something else to replace that lost stream. We call it the “round power up” where teams purchase a raffle ticket for each round and one (or more depending on the event size) team gets 100 bonus points each round. We’d LOVE to be able to put this in before the round starts.

Hey Bruce, if you notice, @djjohnoconnor mentioned you can add the points in after the first question. Simply make the the first question a practice where there are no points earned, THEN go in and change all the teams to however much you want.
OR! This just came to me…
Make the first question… “Are you ready to play!!!” Only put one answer… “hell yeah!” <— not exactly that lol, make THAT question 1000 points with NO point reduction for time and then you’re all set to go wager every question after that


That is what I am doing now, my opening question is “here is a bank of 1000 points”. I just wanted to see if that could be cleaner, and could be done in such a way players could have points in a self controlled game. I would like 4 betting questions that will be answered after the fact. But a great workaround, and exactly what I am doing.

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As far as I’m aware, you can’t turn off the points reduction timer per question. It’s a round-level toggle.

However… there are several situations (this one included) where it would make sense to be able to do that. @RossN , one for the suggestion box.

True, but it updates in real-time. So you can update this toggle as much as you want between questions to achieve the same thing, albeit more cumbersome.

We like this a lot. We are going to be working on some new “power up” features soon. And the host will be able to configure them for every player and per player.