[SOLVED] Wager Question Timer Resetting on Projector View

I have the wager question timer set to 30 seconds, but each time someone answers the question the timer resets to 30 seconds. I have tried many different scenarios with the same results. Any Suggestions?

Hi @webmaster,

Sorry to hear you’re encountering an issue! Our team would like to collect more information to investigate and reproduce this further.

For instance, what Experience Playback Mode are you currently using? Additionally to clarify, does the Wager Timer reset if another player places a bet on the same question? Alternatively, does this timer reset if a participant answers the question after placing the bet?

Please feel free to email us at help@crowdpurr.com with your Experience Code as we’d be happy to take a look at your game.

I am using host controlled mode. The timer does not reset during the wager period, it resets during the question period. The question starts after the wager timer ends. The wager timer is working correctly, but not the question timer.

Thanks for the clarification, @webmaster! This flow is actually by design for questions with the Points Wager setting enabled. Once the Points Wager timer has ended, the question’s text will automatically appear and its Question Timer will start and run down for its set duration.

For instance if the Points Wager timer is set for 15 seconds while the Question Timer is set for 30 seconds, then the Points Wager timer will run down for 15 seconds first to allow players to place their wagers. Once the timer has ended, the Question Timer will begin and run down for 30 seconds to allow participants to submit their response to the question.

I totally understand this. My issue is that - once the timer has ended, the question timer begins and runs down for 30 seconds, then when someone submits an answer it goes back to 30 seconds

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Thanks for these details! Our Development Team has been able to reproduce this glitch occurring on the Projector View whenever a participant has submitted an answer to specifically a Points Wager question.

We appreciate all of your feedback and will be sure to report back here once we receive any updates on this bug.

Hi @webmaster, thanks for your patience! I am happy to report that this bug has now been resolved and is working as normal.