Request Feature: Time release Clues

I am curious if it would be possible to make a “time release” clue set. So the question could be in the screen, but then at every certain percentage, an additional clue appears.

Thus the faster you answer the more knowledge you have, but if you want to wait, you can get a little more help.

Curious if others would use this too.


@Hirebruce2day, this is an interesting feature! I can imagine you would want to add a similar format of the current Decreasing Points Timer to this type of question? (i.e. Players can earn fewer points with every clue shown.)

I see this and decreasing points timer working in concert. It could either be a set amount of points per clue OR just the existing decreasing points timer, just with clues a certain intervals. Both can work.


NTN Trivia… the first electronic bar trivia… They have two countdown modes that I would LOVE to use in Crowdpurr:

  1. As counter gets to 70%/40%/10%, one wrong answer is removed. People who chose that answer can choose another in exchange for reduced points. Of course if they are fast enough, everyone would get points.
  2. As counter gets to 70%/40%/10%, a hint is displayed. People who chose an answer can choose another in exchange for reduced points. (When they figure out the hint means they chose wrong, they scramble to choose the next best answer.) The first two hints usually ELIMINATE an answer, the last hint usually “gives” (hints at) the answer…

In both cases, the presumption is that a player can change their answer in exchange for the lower points on the counter. Which, frankly, is a desirable feature on it’s own.

I may be biased, but these would be my favorite changes to the countdown play.


The easier version is to start removing the incorrect answers as time ticks down. Having clues pop up requires new clue fields, managing those, etc. etc.

We’re working on some new “power up” features and twists on current question formats (e.g. image reveal, revoting for lesser points, etc). So something like this would go right along with that.


Awesome! Removing answers would be good too if players can change answers. It gives that “whew, at least I got SOME points” feeling players like, when their first guess is wrong.