Repeat questions

I’ve been using this for several weeks now, and haven’t had any issues yet, but started thinking about something.
Do questions repeat in each category? Meaning if I choose 3 topic categories for one round one week and use those same three categories the next week, are those questions going to be repeated or will entirely new questions be generated?
Hope that makes sense.


Hi @americanlegionellija, great question!

When using prewritten Trivia Games on the Trivia Database, new questions are not automatically generated for any trivia topic. For instance, if you use all the questions within the Movies 1, Food 1, and Animals 1 games, then the questions within these prewritten games would still be the same questions if you choose these same three games for the next week’s new round.

As a workaround, you may want to use our complete written list of available Trivia Games assorted within their corresponding categories on the Trivia Database. For instance, you can use this list to reference which games on the database you’ve already used for prior games to avoid using the same topics for new games. Additionally, this list is updated every week as our team releases new games.

Here’s a link to the written list of Trivia Games:

Crowdpurr Trivia & Bingo Games List

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Thank you for your reply! Can I make a suggestion then, please? Could you possibly make those questions exportable? This way we could save that each week and refer back to it so we don’t possibly repeat questions.

They already are.

In the experience dashboard select the questions tab. Far right hand side click “question tools”. Select “Export questions”.



Sorry to be a pain, but I just thought of another question that ties into this. So, there are always just 15 questions per category or less?

Yes, there is always fifteen questions per pre-written trivia game in our library.

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One of the things I do to help track questions used is exporting the 15 questions set to a Google doc, naming it exactly as named in Crowdpurr. I then BOLD all questions. Questions that are used lose the BOLD. You won’t know for what game you used the questions, but you will know the question was used. I reused favorite questions a lot early on but just didn’t want to do the work to accurately track what question was used for what client. So I now call all my games Trivia Blitz with a number behind it and never reuse questions. Because I have repeat clients, I have to note which clients played which version of Trivia Blitz, which is pretty easy. I also save the Rankings and Question set for every game…just in case.

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