Feature Request: Game Code Display

I had mentioned in a previous post that the ability to control what text appears in the scroll bar would be great and if that were implemented, it may just negate what I’m about to say. :slight_smile:

Situation: We play games with multiple rounds where we move people from round to round. Not everyone is there for the start and some join once we’ve hit round 2 or 3. We use a custom game code for each event that is usually tied to a sponsor or the event. If someone joins late, the scroll at the bottom will direct them to the current round which is NOT the original game code. (We’ve overcome this by numbering the rounds after the game code… GAMECODE2 GAMECODE3, etc.

Wondering if there would be a way to implement a “global” game code message that could show up in the scroll for each round. Maybe a selection that would tie the text to the “original” game code since in practice, that is what actually happens when the original game code is entered. (It locates the “next round” where the game is currently being played.)


I think I understand. You want to be able to show the original game code, for example for a sponsored game code, instead of the current round’s game code. Haven’t heard that one before, so it’s not in high demand.

Indeed if we added an editable Projector View URL bar you could do whatever you like. We’re discussing this as a feature. Keep checking back here for updates.


We’ve run multi-round games similarly. We’d create a sign up experience with practice questions and then push everyone on to the next rounds. But the only code we used was the original sign up experience. We would turn off the QR and scroll bar for that same reason.

The potential unified/multi-round experience feature would negate the need for this and sounds very exciting. But just wanted to throw some love to this request.


Yes, I’m “patiently” waiting (with pregnant anticipation) the multi-round feature too! :slight_smile:


+1 (which will probably add to the +1s I have already put in) on the custom URL bar!

I’ll have a developer start working on this one.

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