Winner Reveal Animations - Multi Round?

I assume there is not yet a way to use Winner Reveal Animations on Multi-round games?

Is there any way that users, on an individual level, can change the “default” for new rounds they create? I can already see this becoming an issue with my multi-round games if I forget to change yet another setting on my first created round (the round I clone to create the rest of the rounds) so that I don’t have to change it 5-7 more times.

Or maybe even a bulk change settings for multiple rounds would be nice.


Hi Dan,

Great question! I’m happy to report that Winner Reveal Animations does work for games linked together for Multi-Game Rankings. For instance, if the Final Rankings Leaderboard is set to display the Multi-Game Individual Rankings, then the Winner Reveal Animations will display the top 3 overall winning players from the cumulative leaderboard as opposed to the current leaderboard.

While there’s not currently a way to automatically change the settings for new trivia games or rounds, having the ability to “bulk change” settings across linked games would be a helpful feature to add to the platform so we’ll be sure to relay this suggestion to our team for their consideration.


Hi @dandeibert. Thanks for the feedback.

In the next few months, we’re going to be releasing some more powerful branding and customization features to really be able to “theme/style” your experiences (e.g. font selection, uploading fonts, layout styles, maybe even custom CSS input).

One of components of this will be a “global” settings panel where you can have settings that override all per-experience settings and apply across all your experiences. Like… branding settings. So every experience can have the same logo, colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc. without setting them all.

But it sounds like adding some other settings to this “global” panel would be beneficial too. So we heard you on that. This will be a feature coming down the pike later this year.