Question Shuffling Per Player

In addition to true random answer shuffling, it would be fantastic if there was an option in Crowd Controlled mode for the questions themselves to shuffle for each access (i.e., A becomes C, B becomes A, C becomes B). Even better would be an ability to explicitly disable shuffle on certain question formats (T/F, “All of the above”).


Thanks for the feedback @jay.hoffman

I like the idea of each player getting a random order of questions on Fully Automatic or Crowd Controlled Modes. That would be a neat, useful feature. Adding it to our feature request list. We’ll see if anyone else asks for it, as that is what promotes a feature up in priority.


This is a standard feature for traditional, async quiz tools in mainstream authoring platforms (Captivate, Articulate). Perhaps less applicable to a pure gaming experience, but an invaluable tool for enterprise learning.

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Just curious @RossN if this was ever implemented. We are looking to use this as a conference, but would ideally need the questions to be randomized for each participant in a automated way.

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Hi @brandon.stanbrough.

We have not implemented this yet, but it seems like it would be fairly easy for us to do.

It would only make sense in Crowd Controlled Mode right? Otherwise you would want the questions to all be in sync.

Thanks for the response @RossN! If this is something that were to be implemented do you know about how long that process might take? We really like Crowdpurr as a solution, but may not be able to use it if that feature isn’t implemented before our event.

It might be something we can get out in our January update that’s coming next week. When is your event?

@RossN the event is scheduled on April the 14th. To be clear, would this also include having a question bank of let’s say 100 questions, but each person only randomly receives 20 of them?

Selecting a subset of a base of questions would be a bit different. Above, I was referring to simply having every participant have a randomly shuffled version of the same set of questions. Everyone gets the same amount.

If you have until April, perhaps you would be interested in a Crowdpurr Custom project to implement this feature exactly how you want. Our team would be happy to meet with you to capture your requirements and quote you a price for a custom feature like what you’re talking about. Reach out to to schedule this if interested.

If having the same set of questions for everyone is sufficient, then that is something we can do in the next few weeks.


I did ask about this, i will be starting a monthly knockout quiz in March, my hope was to put in 1
00 questions Multi Choice, Text, Number and picture. I then wanted the quiz to randomaly select a number of questions for a new player for a returning player same questions but shuffled

Really Hope there my a chance this can be introduced

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