Generic mobile view stream

i am streaming to an app in mobile view using virtual camera in OBS,
is there a way to have the mobile view generic so it not linked to a player, i am hosting and not playing so it shows my points, elimination etc in the mobile view. is there a way to not see this as a clean mobile view output

hope this makes sense

Hi @stilzink, thanks for reaching out!

If you’d like to display the Mobile View without it displaying any information such as scores, you can leave the Mobile View open and just ensure you do not submit any responses so as to not create a scorecard for the “viewer” Mobile View. Please note, not answering an Active Question for Survivor Mode Trivia will automatically display the “Eliminated” banner on the Mobile View.

Alternatively, you may want to display the Projector View instead as this provides a centralized display designed for your participants to use and follow along throughout the Experience.

For more information on how the Projector View works, please check out the following Help Center page:

The Projector View Explained

Thanks, I can’t use projector cause the aspect ratio is too big to view in a mobile aspect ratio stream