Presentation view on mobile device?

New user here. Prepping for a company retreat. Is it possible for my team to view the Social Wall on their mobile device? It appears they only have a Post/Submit view?

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Hi @cms, welcome to the Crowdpurr Community forum!

Indeed, participants are currently only able to view Social Wall posts via the Presentation View as the Participant View only allows participants to submit their posts. However, the Presentation View is not currently a shareable URL as this requires you to sign into your Crowdpurr account in order to access the Presentation View.

We’ve had other users request this same feature. Our team is currently working on adding the following to the social walls soon as our CEO, Ross Newton, has previously mentioned in this forum thread:

  • Embed-able Presentation View
  • A URL for anyone to view the live Social Wall, Presentation View style
  • Display a participant’s past posts on their Mobile device
  • Display the entire Social Wall on a participant’s Mobile device
  • Re-enable Instagram integration
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