Ranked Eliminations

Eliminations is cool. But it would be great to let everyone play a whole round and only allow the top # of players/teams to continue on to the next round.

Currently, it seems the only way to do this is through a VIP List. This requires you to ask for emails or phone numbers to start, then create a VIP list from the top players, add that VIP list to the next round, and implement it that way. We’ve had problems executing that in the past.

This can be done right now…

Click on the edit button after “All Players will advance”.

Some events we host, we will do 3 rounds, move the top half to the next round, then split again going into the final round and this works really well.


Hi @allison,

As @dandeibert mentioned, you can indeed do this by using the Tournament Mode feature in conjunction with the Next Round functionality. Depending on your trivia format, you can choose to have one of the following participant types move onto the next game:

  • Individual Players or Basic Teams
  • Multi-Game Individual Players
  • Advanced Teams
  • Multi-Game Advanced Teams
  • Basic Teams
  • Eliminated (CPQ Survivor Mode)
  • Survivors (CPQ Survivor Mode)

We also have a Help Center article that illustrates how the Tournament Mode feature works:

Next Round Explained - Tournament Mode


Welp. Looks like it’s time to buy some reading glasses!

Thanks, all for pointing it out!