Scrolling mobile views

I haven’t been the one working on the platform for a while and so I hadn’t noticed this until now.

IT Support can't fix what we don't know is broke!

I always marvel at the things people put up with instead of reporting. Yes, team, you could have brought this up. I’d have looked into it sooner. Ah well, I digress.

The mobile view does not scale properly to the phone requiring participants to scroll down to see the answers. Is there a known fix for this?
This was seen on a Trivia game, host controlled mode, with question timed decreasing points, and a manual start time. Question Media was used. Seen on an iPhone XR.
We have not investigated much further.

We can confirm that it looks like the problem was a large custom logo. We just threw something in there that was pushing everything else down.

This is still a concern for the experience we would like to provide if this can be looked into.

Hi Allison,

We’re sorry to hear you’ve encountered this issue.

We’d be happy to look into this issue further; however, I would like to collect a bit more information for our team’s review. In this case, please feel free to email our Help Desk at with the specific Experience Code for the game you are witnessing this display issue in, as well as the particular Custom Logo you witnessed this issue resulting from if possible.

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Hi @allison.

We’re going to be working on the Mobile View in the next few months to better address sizing and real-estate so there’s never a need to scroll on a typical sized mobile phone.

At the moment, you are indeed correct. Due to sizing of custom logos, question, and the answers, elements can sometimes run down off the standard phone vertical length.

So in short… we’re aware. And are working on it!

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Thank you all for responding. We’re sorry we never followed up. It does look like things have improved! Thank you for always working to make this the best experience for all of us!