November 2021 Updates - Sound Effects and Background Music Discussion

After much waiting on our users’ parts, we’re happy to announce our November 2021 Product Update is here!

The following new features are now available:

  • Sound Effects :boom:
  • Background Music :notes:
  • Trivia Library Search :mag:
  • Downloadable QR Codes
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts

Check out all the details on our blog at Crowdpurr Updates – Sound Effects & Background Music – November 2021.

We’re excited for everyone to start using the new features and we’re looking forward to your feedback.

We have some extra functionality planned for future iterations on these features. Such as adding the ability to search questions to the trivia library search. And of course, being able to upload your own background music and have some additional customization/choices on sound effects. But these first versions offer a lot of functionality.

We have more good stuff coming in early December. For now, please discuss the new features, thoughts, results using them, etc. here in this thread. The silence is over!

(I’m personally so excited and happy that our app finally has sound effects. I feel like it has been needed for so long. :blush:)