Sound Effect Request

Hey Crowdpurr Folk,

I love the new sound effects, I have one request: is it possible to put in a sting when answers are revealed? I feel like for shows like millionaire that is where a sting would be, and it would add some punch for those of us that read the question, then reveal the answers.



Hi Hirebruce2day!

We have a sound effect now when you press Show Live Answer Results (A). Are you talking about that? Or Show Correct Answer (C)?

You’re saying you want something more dramatic and punchier than the present sound effect?

I am talking about (S) Manually Start Question. So that when answers are revealed there is a sting.


Oh, yeah, we can add something there. There’s a few more spots we want to get covered with an effect and we may iterate some more on the sounds we added. But yeah, we should definitely have a sound for Manually Start Question (S). Thoughts on the type of sound effect?

I was thinking a doubled low note, like the Netflix tone.


Ross, I have one more request on this topic.
A timer sound when the guests are answering.
I know every person sets their question time differently, but the audio clip could be say a 2 minute long clip embedded into the program that is set to stop when the timer stops. Whether it be 15, 30 or 60 seconds.

We’ve been using a stream deck to play all our sound effects. So we are good, but this is def one sound I think the game is missing.

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Yeah, we wanted to add a clock-ticking sound but it’s a little trickier to integrate. So we had to hold it back for the first release. We’re thinking of just having like a five or ten second sound that just plays for the final five or ten seconds. Like “tick tick tick… ding!”

This, and the sound for when manually starting questions are in the works, probably by mid-next week they’ll be updated to the app.


It would be incredibly helpful if these sounds were toggleable. (Is that a word?)

I didn’t think it was that big of a deal when the sounds were released. I didn’t plan on using them. For one game I accidentally left them on and yeah, now I love them. :slight_smile:

We don’t do the background music, just the sfx. So a countdown timer (5 or 10secs) is not going to fit into our flow. Just hope there is a way to disable, like the bg music.

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We may end up adding toggles per sound. That was something on the original drawing board but it got cut due to being “flexibility overkill”. Whatever we do, if you find it’s not working, we’ll find a way to solve it.

Ok… some comments…

It seemed the default setting was to have the sounds on… and apparently that was turned on while I was preparing for my next stream, because only two of the three rounds had the sounds.

I didn’t realize the sounds were going to be there; that was a bit surprising (viewers could tell I was confused but they couldn’t hear what I was hearing so I must have looked crazy…) until I looked into it after the stream was over…

Yes, absolutely, it would be ideal to be able to configure which sounds to play. ESPECIALLY if you are going to play a clock ticking or something, because I already play my own question sting. I would even say (at risk of being ultra-flexible) that I would like the ability to choose whether each sound should play on the projector view and/or the mobile view.

For example, a sound that the question has been asked would be ideal, that would prompt people immediately to look at their phone, even if the stream has buffered or lags more than the normal amount.

(Maybe have an “advanced configuration mode” toggle switch to hide the flexibility from those who don’t need/want it?)

Last, please let me upload my own sounds for each/any of those, and suddenly I don’t have to worry about driving some of my own sounds - plus, I get the value of the sounds playing at the appropriate moment on the players’ mobiles, rather than suffering a stream delay.

So, in summary, I’m asking for an “advanced configuration” mode for sounds:

  1. Allow me to upload a different sound to override the default for any sound event
  2. Allow me to specify which sounds play on projector view
  3. Allow me to specify which sounds play on mobile view

Thus, by choosing not to play a sound on projector or mobile view, that sound event is effectively inactive.

Thanks for listening!

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Just an FYI in our last update, we added a sound effect for when triggering a question when using Manually Start Question (S).

That’s awesome! Between the sting and wagering, things are really getting fantastic for this system.