Official Version Updates

Version 4.4.6 - Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:

  • Fixed a critical issue introduced in 4.4.5 that caused updated participant scores to instantly send down from the server and update the Participant View as soon as the participant answered the question instead of waiting for Show Correct Answers or Show Rankings Leaderboard to be enabled (CPDV-566).
  • Fixed a critical issue added in 4.2.6 that could cause a question’s answer options to not load on the Participant View for players when starting a poll or trivia game if it wasn’t set to the first question when starting (CPDV-560).
  • Fixed a bug where when switching Experience Playback Modes, active experiences may not load the question and answers correctly on the Participant View.
  • Fixed a bug where a question on the Participant View would not be in the proper state after restarting an experience when Automatically Start Question was disabled.
  • Added several new internal admin tools and features.
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