[SOLVED] Social wall picture

Anyway you can allow larger pictures on the photo walls? I’m losing posts because the photos are only allowed to 5mp


Hi Shane. Yes, that is something we’re working on this week. Thank you for reminding us about it. It’s an easy correction.

Would you know about how many megabytes the photos are that your phone(s) are trying to upload?

Newer phones have 12-16 mp in a photo. Most pictures are at least 7mp

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Has this been resolved. I have a couple next week that will be using the social media wall for a phone virtual guestbook. We will be uploading pictures later than 5 mps

Any resolve for this?

It’s coming. We’ve actually deployed twice thinking we had shipped a fix for this and we keep running into issues in production. We are working on it, it’s just not working yet. We should have it updated in the next day or so.

It took a bit of rewiring under-the-hood to raise the long hard-coded 5MB limit.

Thanks for the update. Got my fingers crossed get it soon

This has been successfully updated and now allows up to a 20MB image upload. Please give it a test run on your device(s).