Social wall attendee URL - ability to display at virtual events

A social wall attendee view URL would be incredible as currently once a post on the social wall is submitted, there is nowhere for the attendee to view it… Other than if it is being streamed out constantly from a source. If an event is over the course of a week having a computer dedicated to streaming it out is not ideal.

Use case for this is having a virtual event, where there’s pre-event content and event days. Social wall could be up for the whole time and would exist on the virtual platform. If we had an attendee view URL I could embed it on the page and attendees could view at any time.


Hi @stephenorr, sorry about the delay.

We’ve had other users request this same feature. We will be adding the following to the social walls soon:

  • Embed-able Projector View
  • A URL for anyone to view the live Social Wall, Projector View style
  • Display a participant’s past posts on their Mobile device
  • Display the entire Social Wall on a participant’s Mobile device
  • Re-enable Instagram integration

We’ll be working on these in the next few weeks.


Great, what is the status on this?

We’re still working on these updates. Thanks for checking in though!

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