[SOLVED] Leaderboard and Rankings

I think this needs looking at, should we be able to merge all the teams with the same score into the same raking position?
I’d also like to be able to advance all teams which are tied at the top with the same amount of points into a new round while excluding the rest.

Hi @djjohnoconnor,

At this time, the Rankings Leaderboard is currently designed to display each separate ranking as its own line, even for participants or teams that have obtained the same score and position. This is due to the current design of ranking tied teams further by the average number of points the tied teams received, along with their average number of correct answers against the total number of answers submitted.

As far as sending tied teams to a new round while excluding the rest of the participants, I’m happy to report you can definitely achieve this by using the Tournament Mode setting of our Next Round feature to send Advanced Teams to a tiebreaker round.

So, let’s say you want to award a prize to the top one winning team, but there are 2 teams tied for 1st place. In this case, you could use the Tournament Mode and Next Round feature to send the Top 1 teams to the tiebreaker game that you’ve set up ahead of time. You can find the Tournament Mode box by first setting the tiebreaker round as the next game under the Next Round section. Next, click on the green Edit pencil located next to the All Players text. By default, the All Players Advance box will be checked; however, you would just need to un-check that box in order to specify the ranking and type of participant you would like to advance to the next game. (i.e. Individual Players, Advanced Teams, Multi-Game Advanced Teams, etc.)

Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 4.18.27 PM

From there, you could have the tied teams answer questions until the tie is broken. Although extremely unlikely, if the tie persists, you could potentially add new questions to the game until a winner is decided.

Additionally, here’s more information on how the Tournament Mode works:

Next Round Explained - Tournament Mode

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