Multi-Round/Experience Points Wagering

I found a feed from over a year ago on this topic so I thought I would bring it back up and see if it’s something on the road map of updates. Teams after two halves/experiences can only wager the current half or experience points. Has anyone found a decent work around for this or is this a setting we might see available at some point soon? TYIA!


Hi @upstateteamtrivia, welcome to the community!

Indeed, there’s not currently a way for players to wager their cumulative points across all rounds; however, I can think of one workaround you may be interested in. Please note, this workaround is a bit involved.

If you’ll be setting up one “Final Wager Question” at the end of your event, you may want to create the final wager question as its own Trivia Experience. (i.e. Round 1, Round 2, Final Wager) After finishing up the last multi-game round, you can then use the Next Round feature to move participants over to the final wager question round.

At this point, you can then manually edit all of your players’ rankings and update them with their latest Multi-Game Rankings score. This will allow players to wager the total number of their multi-game points.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and will be sure to let our Development Team know this feature has been requested again.