Starting a Tournament

I’m going to be running a five week tournament where teams are competing for a big prize. Is there a way to show cumulative tallies for teams after each individual game? Example: In week three, TEAM 1’s score for the single game appears, and in a column next to that we see their overall total thus far?

So far it looks like I’d have to export crowd activity each week, then manually tally and announce.


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I think the Multi-Game Setting will work for this. I have used it for tournaments that run in a single day. Not sure how the multi-week aspect will work. I wonder if you send all players to round two at the end of round one, then when they sign in to round two the next week, their scores from week one are there. Same with round two into round three. To be safe I wouldn’t refresh any of the rounds until the tourney is over,

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Hi @gregstudley, great question!

As @jimmie mentioned, the Multi-Game Rankings feature sounds ideal for this type of setup with each linked Trivia Game representing that week’s game. For instance when showing the cumulative rankings for teams, you would just have to enable the Show Multi-Game Rankings as opposed to Show Rankings Leaderboard which will display just the current game’s scores.

Additionally, here’s more information on how the Multi-Game Rankings feature works:

This is my solution, which may seem complicated at first, but is really quite simple. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years. That said, if anyone has a better idea, I’d love to hear it!

I run ten-week tournaments with weekly prizes and a final grand prize. While 15-20 teams come in each week, only ten or so are regulars; others are hit-and-miss. I keep a spreadsheet of the tournament rankings (easy to do with the rankings export feature) over the ten-week period.

Each week, my first “round” is one basic question (“how many people are on your team”) using Crowd Controlled mode. I start the game in advance “showtime” so people can log in when they arrive. After answering the question, they automatically advance to the next round. (The rest of the games are in Host Controlled mode.)

As teams log in (or during breaks) I edit the Round 1 rankings to the total score each team has earned in previous nights, using my handy spreadsheet. However, as I advance through the other rounds the first round is excluded from the multi-game rankings - so they only see the scores for the current evening.

Then, at the end of the final round, after showing the multi-game rankings (Tonight’s Winner), I go back to settings and change multi-game settings to include Round 1, thus displaying the totals for the tournament.


You cannot do side-by-side rankings like this, but you can toggle the leaderboard between the current game and a cumulative multi-game tally that you can configure (e.g. Week 2’s “multi-game rankings” include itself and Week 1, Week 3’s “multi-game rankings” include itself, Week 2, and Week 1.

You can run a multi-day, week, month type tournament. Just make sure to enable Allow Previous Players To Sign Back In (Help Center article) and enable either email or phone number. Then when they revisit, regardless of device or browser status, they’ll be signed back in with their email or phone number, back on the same team, and continue their cumulative performance.