Ranking Indicators

I have a question about the ranking indicators. Wondering if you would consider an adjustment. so an issue last night confused some of guests…

We normally turn the feature off, but i like it when they see how many points they actually earned each question. Here is the concern…
One of our guests phones must have glitched and their answer was not received by the system. When we put the results on the leaderboard, the rankings showed that they got 709 points. BUT these were the points from the question PRIOR to the one we just had done.
So i noticed, the system will:
if you answer the question and get it correct - show your ranking for that question
if you answer the question and get it wrong - show a “0” for points - makes sense
if you DONT answer the question - it shows the last question answered amount - slightly confusing
is there a way to set the system to recognize NO answer was given and making their rankings “0” as well or even an X to signify they didnt even answer?

we were able to go into the activity tab and show the guest exactly what happened, but the situation wouldnt have come up if it simply showed “0”

thanks for the consideration!


This is an issue that we’re working on. We’ll be correcting this soon so that a “non answer” registers correctly and would show a zero in the points indicators. Thanks for the feedback!


Awesome! Keep up the great work!

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