Rankings and Activity don't match!

I have experienced and issue where the player answered correctly but said they received no points. I checked the rankings and noticed that they did not receive points. I then checked the activity and found that they did answer correctly and did receive points. Those points were never added to their score or rankings. I have screen shots if you need them.

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Hi @doc.proctor.sc, we’re sorry to hear you’ve experienced this issue. Please feel free to send the screenshots to our Help Desk email at help@crowdpurr.com, along with further details regarding the issue for our team to review. (i.e. Time when issue occurred, number of players affected, devices used by affected participants, etc.)

Ross, I submitted the information and screen shots about a week ago. I have not yet heard back.

Hi @doc.proctor.sc, thanks for following up! It looks like our team sent out a response to your support ticket on January 18th. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated via your support ticket thread on any updates we receive from the team on this situation.