Some weird doins' tonight

Did a live event tonight and had a few odd things happen.

  1. On several occasions, to several teams, the text answer they sent it would be correct. It would show as correct in my dashboard. It would score it correctly. On their mobile devices however, it would show up as incorrect.

2) On the last question of the last round, just one team wrote in the correct answer. It was auto-marked correct. The points for the question did NOT get awarded to the team. I had to manually add it to their score. This, of course, makes everyone wonder how accurate the scoring has been all night. Not a fun time for the host.

Just did a self-audit and I figured this one out. This was an error on my part. I THOUGHT it was marked as being correct but there was a slight spelling issue so it was NOT auto-marked as correct… and I had assumed it was when it came in. Ignore this one. :slight_smile:

  1. There were multiple occasions where all of the teams had submitted their text answers, the question answered count was correct, but I would only see two or three answers in the submitted list.

Rough night. :slight_smile:

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Hi @dandeibert

For #1, are you enabling Show Correct Answer (C) after the question? If not, then the correct answer will not be reported to players. The app doesn’t send the correct answer whatsoever to the participant devices until you either enable Show Correct Answers (C) or Show Rankings Leaderboard (R). This is to prevent cheating where code-savvy participants can unearth the correct answer in the code before/during the question. So we wait until the host (or app) triggers one of the above two settings to ensure the question is over.

For #3, for any text-answers that get sent by participants, if they are the same, they get combined. And the single combined text-answer should indicate how many votes were cast for that text-answer (i.e. how many participants typed the same answer). If the sent text-answers match any of the correct answer options, they are changed to the first correct answer option and combined. Is your answer list only showing one vote for each of the two to three text answers it shows?


#1 Yes. I enabled the correct answers to show. They had them correct. They were marked correct on my dashboard. It was their display that showed them that they were marked incorrect.

Generally, I show all of the answers on the screen and then I select the correct answer. That’s where the issue came in. On their devices, it told them they were incorrect when they were in fact correct and scored as such.

#3 understanding how this normally has worked, the behavior that you describe is what I was expecting . What I’m, maybe less than eloquently trying to explain, is that there were several times where I knew all of the answers were in but the total vote count I was seeing in the question count area on the upper right of the dashboard was not close to matching what the totals I was seeing in the text response area. What it looks like was that the combined answers were not adding to the overall count for that particular answer. Also should mention that this did not happen each time. It was an occasional issue.

I’ve done well over a hundred of these games and my setup this time, to my knowledge, was no different than anything I had used before. I prefer having a hardwired connection but I was using a Wi-Fi connection last night. The connection checked out as strong before we started but I know that can always change as well.

Wondering if this has to do with the new caching workup?