[SOLVED] Mysterious Wagering issue

I am having a recurring issue with wagers being accepted on the players device but showing up in the system as zero.

Also, I had a question last night get awarded 104 points on a 100 point question!

Hi @doc.proctor.sc, our Development Team is currently looking into the previous Points Wagering issue you’ve encountered.

As far as the second issue, please email our Help Desk at help@crowdpurr.com with any additional info such as the Experience Code and specific Question Number you experienced this issue in.

We did find and correct an issue where if you updated an answer as correct or incorrect on a points-wager question, the updated score for the player/team would not be accurate. We have corrected this issue.

If a player runs out of time, then they would not have a vote. Is this what you mean by “showing up in the system as zero?”

Strange on the 104 points… we have code that should gate the maximum score to whatever the question is worth, unless it’s a points-wager question.

The experience code is GC9JM. Question 44. Team Spittlebugs.

I am going to work with the player to attempt to reproduce the error. I will let you know.

We have fixed another issue with points wagering where the wager wasn’t being captured if the “Place Wager” button wasn’t actually clicked. Now, whatever wager number is entered in the field, will get successfully captured. This was how it always worked but an update broke this functionality. It has now been restored.

Thank you for your patience and support in helping us find and resolve it.

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Good afternoon. Just a heads up that the “more than 100 points” issue is still occuring. As a reminder, my question has a max of 100 points but the score is increasing by more than that. See attached.

This could be an issue with the “points change” markers, not the actual scoring. What’s the experience code for this and we’ll audit the scoring. We’ll also make sure this wasn’t a points-wager question, which would allow more than the max points for the question.

We looked into this and understand why you’re seeing this. Your players didn’t earn more than 100 points on the previous question.

The Rankings-Change Indicators display the change in points between the last time the rankings were displayed, not solely the change from the last question. If you don’t trigger the rankings after every question, they will cumulatively sum the change in points, thus appearing to show more points than the last question was worth.

One confusing exception to this is that before every points wager question, internally, Crowdpurr always re-computes the rankings in order for players to have their updated point quantity in order to place an accurate wager. So even if you do several questions in a row without showing the rankings, and then do a points wager question, the Rankings-Change Indicators will only show the change from the last question.

UPDATE: We’ll fix the issue with points-wager questions only showing the change since the previous question. That would be a bug from the normal behavior. It will work like other questions where whenever the rankings are shown, it’s the change since the last time the rankings were shown.

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Thank you for the clarification!

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