[RELEASED] New Data Tables - Retain Sort Field & Direction

Continuing the discussion from Official Version Updates:

Nice update, however a small feature return which I’m sure it used to do is when you click on the ‘Activity’ tab and tap on the ‘Time’ column it used to be which you browse away back to something like ‘Questions’ and then return to ‘Activity’ it would stay on the last known tap like ‘Time’. I liked this so that I can watch the latest answers as they come in. The current way you can to tap manually each time. Just something small as I said.


Hey @djjohnoconnor!

Copy that. So you want it to retain the last sorted column and direction of the sort. Even upon navigating away to a different Experience Dashboard tab and then returning to the table.

We can do that! Great observation. We’ll get on that.


Yeah said it better than I ever could :smiley:. Perfect

Good news! Data tables now retain their selected field, sort direction, and items per page. Across all data tables and all experiences respectively. :sparkles: