[RELEASED] Printable Summary Questions Overview

I have tried every trick I know to try. I’ve installed several chrome extensions to make this work. Still can’t get it to work right.

In a few of my virtual games, I’ve had requests from event facilitators to ask questions along with me. In my in-person games at corporate functions, when someone else is “running” the game, I like to walk around IN the crowd and ask questions so that it’s easier to interact with people. However, in order to do this, I need to be able to print the questions with the answers IN THE ORDER they appear in crowdpurr. (Generally, we read the questions, then the possible answers… then start the timer.) Since the answers are randomized when they are uploaded, I have no way of knowing the order they are in unless I’m standing at the dashboard.

I’m wondering if there would be a way for you to include a print icon on the summary page and then have that pop open a no-frills, print friendly version of the questions and answers?

Or… open to other ideas.


I know it has the “junk” from the top of the experience panel, but you can use the browser’s print function while the question summary is showing, and it will display the questions and answers… it’s a bit kludgy, but it at least gives you the experience’s “perspective”…


Yeah, that is what I have been doing. It works okay but It doesn’t always print as pretty as it’s showing in that screen grab. But, I was just thinking something that could 1) eliminate the dashboard stuff and 2) format a bit better for the printer would be a nice plus. I’m certain it’s not high on anyone’s list. I assume most read the questions while standing next to the computer. We like to be a bit more interactive and roam through the crowd, while someone else acts as the gamerunner.

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@dandeibert Hi Dan.
You can have multiple dashboards open for the same game, so you should be able to run the projector view from a laptop and read the questions from a phone or tablet. That way you can see the answers as they come in and be in the crowd.


Great feature idea, and should be very low hanging fruit. Adding it to the list for near-term improvements.

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Hi @dandeibert,

Great news! Your Printable Summary Tab feature request is now live and was released as part of our 3.8.6 maintenance update.

There is now a Print View button on the Summary tab that will lead to a printer-friendly view of all your questions and answer options as displayed below:

As always, we appreciate your feedback, and please feel free to check the new feature out!