Score answers individually

I know I’ve asked before. I’m going to try again. Anyway to add an option to score answers individually in real time as the host receives the answers?

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Hi Shane.

You mean awarding varying points as each answer comes into the Experience Dashboard? Unfortunately not at this time. Our system scores the responses based on the set amount of points per question and how much time passed before receiving the answer (if using Decreasing Points Mode).

You could technically do this for the first question using the Rankings panel and editing the player’s rankings. But after the first question it would get kind of difficult/confusing.

Yeah, I tried it that way, it gets very complicated. I currently use another friends site to score these games, I would just prefer to use the same platform for all the games.

There’s definitely need for a revamp of how each player’s answer is shown on the Crowd Activity tab and perhaps being able to update the points earned for each answer.

Would that be useful to at least be able to update the points for each answer after it’s cast?


That would help

I realize there’s only so much that can be done and sometimes you have to give up one thing for another. I love the crowdpurr platform and can’t say enough good about it.


Hi Shane, curious about the use case for your request.

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A family feud type of game. We take surveys and teams get more points for the higher the survey questions are on the board


right on. Thanks for sharing.

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I have been trying to come up with a way to utilize Crowdpurr for a Family Feud type game and the scoring is the only thing holding it back…if there was a way to offer multiple choice answers and assign different point values to each answer or allow us to use the write in answer feature and assign variable points that would be a game changer and give us all a whole new way to use the program!


Copy all. We’ll get to work on it. But we have some other cool features coming ahead of this.

I’ve been trying to do this for months, unsuccessfully. I can use crowdpurr to take our surveys and in all honesty most people on this forum would probably be interested in the surveys. I tried to score with crowdpurr but it wasn’t very productive at all.

I hadn’t thought of this use case for games. I’d done this back when I was using pen and paper only but this is a really cool idea for sure!

I’ve been asking for this for a few months now. Keeping my fingers crossed

More flexible scoring would be awesome!

1 - “Oops! I pressed the wrong answer”! No problem. Answer again but realize that the clock is still ticking and you don’t get as many points for a correct answer!

2 - Right now, we can choose to penalize players for a wrong answer but that applies to the entire game. I would like the option to override that on a per question basis. That would give us the option to have a BONUS question for more points BUT you lose points if you are incorrect.

3 - Finally, the always popular “final jeopardy” question at the end of the game where the players wager points on a hidden question.

Love Crodpurr! Thanks for all you do!


Love the wagering points. It would be fun to allow wagering throughout the game, or at intervals.

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I am hoping that wagering points is part of the “September” update!

This. Definitely this.

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