Request: New trivia games earlier on Mondays!

The earlier the better!

Hey Doc,

Thank you again for your continued use of Crowdpurr. It’s always nice to see a familiar name on the list, and we truly appreciate the feedback that you provide. I typically get the new games published to the site before 10 AM EST on Mondays. I like to take that extra hour or so in the morning to do a final polish on the games before publishing. That’s pretty much the earliest I can get fully presentable games out to you. Hopefully this gives you enough time to put together games for the week. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you begin to see that new games aren’t being published in time. Thank you again for the feedback.


No new trivia today???

Good morning, Doc.

New trivia will be posted this morning as yesterday was a holiday and the offices were closed for the day. Sorry for any disruption this may have caused.

Well! You have a lot of nerve taking a day off! LOL!

I try not to make a habit of it! :wink:

New games, including “Must See TV Trivia,” “Loretta Lynn Tribute,” and “The Scream Franchise” (plus several more) are published and ready for play!

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