Points Wagering across multiple rounds

Hey there, I run a weekly pub trivia game where we use three rounds of twenty questions each.

I’d like to add a points wagering question at the end, like “Final Jeopardy,” however the only way to have the cumulative points be wagered is if I do all the questions in one experience.

This is where my problem is, if I use only one experience then I can’t determine “round winners,” which is important to the establishment that I’m working in.

Is there any work around, or even an update to the current system that could be added to make something like this possible?


Is there a chance that that points wagering could be added


If you keep your three rounds on one experience, then obviously it’s easy to determine the first round’s winner. And screenshot the scores.
Then, after round 2 ends, you could use a calculator and subtract the points from round 1 to see what team scored the most points on round 2…and so on.
Don’t have “round” winners…just top three teams in overall points.

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Many clients WANT round winners because they have multiple prizes to give away and it keeps the game interesting because a team can have a great round but not be doing that great overall.

Yes, it’s possible to do the math by hand… but that is a giant pain in the butt while you are hosting an event.

I agree with rev that this would be a great feature but I can also understand that it might be tricky to implement.

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Exactly this.

I market my trivia game on the idea that it is fast paced, if I had to stop and manually tabulate scores that would defeat the purpose.

I don’t doubt that it would be tricky for the developers to figure out, however, if it’s at all possible I think it would be an excellent addition.

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We used to do round winner prizes, but frequently the same team would be winning after each round so we would be dishing out all the round prizes to the same team. We changed it to top three in overall points at the end.

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I’m in total agreement. You don’t use (and pay for) Crowdpurr to do anything cumbersome or by hand.

Indeed, the first version of Points Wagering is only designed to work on a single trivia game experience/round. We will work on an updated version that allows wagering up to your multi-game points (if playing in a multi-game scoring trivia game). Upon thinking about this, it should be fairly straight-forward.


Any update or time table for this one?

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We’ve had some hotter things on the fire, but we will get to this soon. It’s on the short list.

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