Game Server Response Issue


On Tuesday sometime between 7pm and 9pm eastern we had an issue that has happened in the past happen again. Some guests phones didn’t keep up with the game. I push start on the question timer, and on a few of them (not everyone) their phone just still displayed just the question with no answers to choose from.

We have had this issue in the past and I emailed with Jemma (we’re buddies). =)

But I’m curious if anyone else has this issue and also want to know what we can do to resolve it. To put it bluntly, you can’t imagine the sh!tstorm this causes when it happens live in a game. Especially when teams are winning by only 20 points!! (Ok, maybe you can imagine, but I’m being a lot nicer here than guests are to me when it happens. lol)

I checked and all players phones are on their cellular data, not Wifi. Most of my “regulars”
already know to use their own data. Some are iphones some are droids.

On this same night I also experienced a freeze/drop out/disconnection/whatever we’d like to call it on my computer. For me I hit start on a question’s timer but the projector view froze and my dashboard was also frozen. BUT on the guests phones the timer actually started and they had the answers showing for them on their phones. We all didn’t realize until after few seconds because most were looking at the projector view. =(

I am on my own wifi hotspot with cellular data. When this issue occurred I opened another tab and had no problem connecting to Reddit, or Youtube. It’s a HP windows 10 laptop with NVidia dedicated graphics (I use this machine for Video DJing as well), and I’m using Chrome.

These issues did not happen all at once, my freeze was about 15 minutes after the last phone had an issue.

Thanks for taking the time to read! =)

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Hi MJ. Sorry about the issues.

I can and know firsthand. I hosted many trivia events with Crowdpurr in the very early days, before the app was public, and experienced every glitch and crash you can imagine. I know how much it sucks when issues occur in front of a live audience.

This is a bug we’re addressing that can occur when we have a very high amount of traffic. A solution will be in place within a few days.

This was due to a different bug that occurred on another user’s experience where they had over a thousand participants and they triggered a buggy function that locked up the server container that you were also likely connected to. We’re working on fixing this too.

So hang tight, these two issues will be resolved in the next few days. Thank you for reporting.

Hi Ross!

Thanks so much for responding! Glad to hear a fix is in the works! =)

Also, probably unrelated, and absolutely no where near as important:

On one of my shows the question colors were displaying on the projector view differently than how they were set in my dashboard view. (this was the same night, so could be linked to that other issue)
I snapped a pic of the dashboard with a couple TVs in the background:

Thanks!! =)

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I’ve had this issue happen to me as well. It has happened a number of times with me just testing out the app with me and a couple of family members. Honestly, this is why I’ve been hesitant in using Crowdpurr for my app/website. I understand bugs are going to happen which is why I’ve been patiently waiting for Crowdpurr to fix these sort of things. This is an AWESOME setup but that delay issue is a HUGE one.

I have no idea on any “official” fixes or anything but… I host a couple of regular weekly games and this used to happen quite a bit. I haven’t had it happen in at least a month.

Like I said, I don’t know if it’s officially fixed or been addressed but I know it has stopped happening to my games.

Copy all. Thank you for your responses. We’re always working on improving performance. It’s an ongoing effort.

We do have a major update coming that will solve some of the issues we have when we get a lot of traffic at the same time.

I can tell you that very few user experience issues. We run literally thousands of trivia games every week and hundreds daily. We maybe here about issues like the above once every two weeks or so. Out of thousands of users and trivia games. So overall, the app runs extremely well.

But, we’re always working to improve. Replacing architecture and components where we find bottlenecks. We do have a large update coming very soon that will further help when we run a max capacity.