[Solved] Major bug issue

Games not resetting, games not showing next question, mobiles not updates, projector screen not updating. Seems to be a major server issue with Crowdpurr?


I’m having the same problem. Games will not reset or start or even move to next question manually. HELP!


Big problem, trying to edit experiences but the question stays stuck on one question and cant move on to another one. I will have to cancel my event if not fixed in the next couple of hours.


me as well. everything is frozen in the state i left it yesterday, and nothing can change, nothing can start.

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10 mins after I posted, it has started responding. I opened crowdpurr in Edge rather than chrome and now I’ve got it working in both browsers…so either I fixed something for me with a different browser (Highly doubt it), or something just got fixed on their side.

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Thanks everyone for you posts.

Our database vendor did a maintenance update late Friday night that caused some synchronization issues. We know what the problem is and it won’t happen again.

The vendor only does maintenance updates when we allow them to. Until we have the solution in place that fixes the synchronization issues, we won’t allow anymore database maintenance updates

In closing, there was a problem, we’ve reset the synchronization to remove the problem, and we know how to prevent this in the future. Once we have the proper fix in place, we’ll allow maintenance updates again.

Please accept my personal apologies for any issues experienced. I understand the stress it brings when actual events are attached to the performance of our app. This is why we strive for zero downtown, rarely have issues, and are quick to resolve them when they do occur.