[SOLVED] Social Wall camera fault

hello tried using the social wall but cameras dont seem to be there just a black screen

Sorry to hear you experienced an issue.

What type of device were you trying to use that experienced the issue? Do you have a screenshot? Please give as many details as you can so that we can help you and provide a solution.

hello was using my iphone to login it did the post and sent photos etc, but when i clicked on camera this was just black it may be that you need to take photo first then post in that case not sure why camera would be there for selection

Hi @walesents, thanks for providing these details.

When selecting the Take Photo option on a Social Wall’s Mobile View, this is designed to prompt the camera feature on your device and will allow you to take a photo in real-time to post. However, it sounds like you may be encountering a black screen if the camera has not been granted permission for your web browser.

For instance, you may need to check your phone settings and locate the settings for your web browser. (i.e. Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) The screenshots below illustrates Safari’s available settings after selecting it from the main Settings application on your iPhone:

After selecting Camera, you can then choose from one of the following permission settings.

If you’ve chosen the Ask permission, then navigating back to the Social Wall on the Safari browser and selecting the Take Photo option should then prompt a message asking if you would like to grant camera permissions. After granting access to the camera, you should then be able to use the camera functionality to take a picture and post it directly on the wall.

Hopefully this helps!