[SOLVED] Advance to next round doorway

Love the new look and interface. While controlling the game with Samsung fold 3 I am not able to use the purple door button to advance players to next round. In tablet mode I can though

Hi Shane. Not sure what you mean, is the button missing? Can you provide screenshots?

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The button is there, but it won’t work on phone screen. Works on laptop and tablet mode fine.

I just tested it on my iPhone and the button is working correctly.

ControlsPanelToggle 2

So when you touch it, the controls aren’t sliding up? Have you tried on other mobile phones?

No the “advance to next round” the purple door button

Oh doh! My bad. embarrassment. Yep, it’s not working for me either. We’ll get that fixed today.

No problem. I think you were just to excited about how well the view button works and you should because it’s a great addition

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This is now resolved and working as expected.

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