What's Your Most Requested New Feature?

Hey Crowdpurr community! Thanks for signing up with us.

We want to kick the community off with a new feature poll so we can see what the community is most excited about for Crowdpurr.

Due to requests in this topic, here is more details on each of these new features for the poll:

  • Trivia Points Wagering - This would allow any question to enable points wagering, where a player’s existing points can be wagered for the score of that question. Similar to Final Jeopardy. Players would set their wager prior to the queestion.

  • VIP Guest List Registration Pages - This feature would create a registration page for your experience using the Mobile View, where upon registration, a participant would be added to the VIP Guest List automatically. Presently, hosts must use EventBrite, Facebook, or some other registration tool, then add participants manually to the VIP Guest List. This would be a solution for all of the above right in Crowdpurr.

  • Participant Entry Payments - This would be a configurable payment gateway within Crowdpurr’s Mobile View that would request a payment from the participant to join the experience. Either as a simple entry fee or as a player “ante” that is then winnable as a total-amount prize for first, second, or third place, for example, with the host keeping some configurable percentage. Hosts could then connect our payment system to a bank account to transfer funds to their account. Basically, hosts would be able to charge for their events within Crowdpurr.

  • Printable Marketing Material (e.g. Invite PDFs & QR Code) - This would be printable table placards, signs, etc. that include the experience URL and QR code that hosts could upload online or actually physically print and place around event locations. To further educate and instruct participants on how to join.

  • Music & Sound Effects - Fun built-in sounds effects for new questions, casting an answer, rankings, winning, and background music for both the Projector View and player Mobile View.

  • Advanced Visual Customization & Themes - This is a redesign of our existing customizations for the Projector View and Mobile View to allow greater font selection, customization of text and labels, design updates, and new selectable themes that quickly allow different looks and styles.

  • Buzz In First or First 5 To Buzz In Format - This feature would only allow the first player to buzz in to score points. Or in larger groups, the first X amount of players. Then it could be opened to the next player or set of players, especially if the first player(s) were incorrect.

  • Integrated Zoom & WebEx App - This refers to an official Crowdpurr app integration for video-teleconferencing tools like Zoom and WebEx that would allow players to join a Zoom meeting and play a Crowdpurr experience all within Zoom, on a single device and interface. No additional web browsers needed.

  • Unified Experience Integration - This would eliminate the various experience types, creating just a single experience that could have trivia questions, poll questions, an enable-able Social Wall, and/or Bingo game.

  • Live Q&A Experience with Up/Down Question Voting - This is a new experience type that would allow participants to ask questions to the host and also up-vote or down-vote other participant questions.

  • No Code Integrations (e.g. Zapier, CRMs, etc.) - This would connect Crowdpurr’s Experience Dashboard to tools like Zapier that could then connect to SalesForce, CRMs, Excel, etc. This would ultimately make Crowdpurr’s exportable data like participant lead capture, rankings, and crowd responses, all more easily exportable to various tools and systems, versus just having a simple CSV (comma separated values) text export.

  • Social Wall Bulletin Board Experience Type - This feature is a twist on Social Walls where participants send “post-its”, suggestions, or messages, and those are then displayed on a bulletin-style board. Another update would be allowing Social Wall posts to be seen on participant devices as well.

  • Integrated Rounds within Single Experience - This feature would make multiple rounds of trivia and/or bingo configurable within a single experience. It would eliminate needing to use Next Round and keep participants within a single experience. It ties into the Unified Experience Integration.

  • Virtual Photobooth Experience Type - This feature is a twist on Social Walls to have theming as a virtual photobooth where participants take a photo on their device that is then posted to the Social Wall and on their own devices. Participants could view other participants photos as well. It’s a quick and easy photobooth experience for various events.

  • Participant Chat - This would allow an HQ style chat feed between all participants at the bottom of the Mobile View and allow the host to also send messages in bold or some other denoted method for participants.

  • Native Streaming & Two Way Video Conferencing - This would be a true embedded stream or video-teleconferencing feature directly in the Experience Dashboard that is then sent to participants embedded on the Mobile View. Participants could also conference back to other participants and the host.

Please cast three votes on your top three features!

Crowdpurr New Feature Poll
  • Trivia Points Wagering
  • VIP Guest List Registration Pages
  • Participant Entry Payments
  • Printable Marketing Material (e.g. Invite PDFs & QR Code)
  • Music & Sound Effects
  • Advanced Visual Customization & Themes
  • Buzz In First or First 5 To Buzz In Format
  • Integrated Zoom & WebEx App
  • Unified Experience Integration
  • Live Q&A Experience with Up/Down Question Voting
  • No Code Integrations (e.g. Zapier, CRMs, etc.)
  • Social Wall Bulletin Board Experience Type
  • Integrated Rounds within Single Experience
  • Virtual Photobooth Experience Type
  • Participant Chat
  • Native Streaming & Two Way Video Conferencing

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Please please please allow different log in “levels” for multiple people who log in to the same account.
Allowing everyone complete access to everything is troublesome. Someone wiped a bunch of games on me recently and it was a nightmare.
There should be access to everything for the “Admin/Manager” or whatever you want to call it, then access only to the assigned game for a “user”. Maybe the User has a “view only” for games which they are not assigned to. But to allow everyone access to everything is not right. Please help with this.
You guys have a great product but I feel this is a gaping hole for potential trouble.

Thanks for everything you do.


Hi Garry. Multi-user admin controls were left off the poll. That’s definitely a needed feature. I can’t update the poll, but now that it’s logged here, we’ll add it to the list.


We have had several instances where a teams device will die mid game so they sign in with the same team name on another device. This effectively creates two teams.
We would love to be able to combine those two team scores automatically somehow, so the host doesn’t need to manually add the team scores together at the end of the game.


Thank you thank you thank you. This will be a huge help!

July 28

Hi Garry. Multi-user admin controls were left off the poll. That’s definitely a needed feature. I can’t update the poll, but now that it’s logged here, we’ll add it to the list.

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Garry Leavy - King Cuda






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Could you give a short, but slightly longer description about each of these? Specifically for me, Unified Experience Integration and No Code Integrations are a little vague.


Hello community!

The number one thing that my players have requested is the ability to change an answer. Every single week I hear this. They would be fine with reduced points (we use the decreasing points timer), they just want to make that change.


I second this. That would be such a game changer in our rooms.


Yeah. This only happens with some players for some reason, and while at first I found it easy to just chalk it up to their devices, it happens enough that it would be nice to have this as an opportunity.

Also, sometimes there are two teams that have a bunch of their players leave mid-game, and they want to combine into one somehow. I’d love to have a way to help them do that.

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So is this using Basic Team Mode then? Yeah that sounds like an issue. I’ll have our development team iron that out.


Yes, team trivia (apologies, I realize I should have been more specific).

In an ideal world, we would love to be able to select the two teams names and “combine”. That would combine the scores, and also the amount of correct answers.
I realize that might not be possible, just thinking about what’s easiest for the host.


As I have previously requested, my number one must-have feature is a “No Client Media” toggle switch for the Administrator. By default, it is “off”. However, if I toggle it “on”, then absolutely NO media (e.g. video, audio, images, animated GIFs, etc.) is displayed within the “Mobile View”. Media is only displayed in the “Projection View”. A few reasons why this feature is needed:

  • You are running an event with over 100 participants and display a YouTube video question. Suddenly, 100 mobile devices have to download the same video (probably at different speeds), and then 100 devices all start playing the same video (probably out of sync with each other), generating a cacophony of noise. It would be much better to simply ONLY display the video on the large projection screen.
  • When displaying media on mobile devices, there is not enough room to display both the media AND the questions. The media video/image often gets scrolled off the top of the screen and sometimes the players don’t even know it is there. Showing media ONLY on the projection screen makes the client experience less cluttered, as the only items displayed in the client are the question and answer choices.
  • When running a large event, the host acts more like an emcee. They can show the question on the projector, read/explain it to the audience while they look up attentively, and then once the emcee feels everyone is ready, he can manually show JUST the four answers on the mobile view. This makes the trivia experience much more interactive between the host and the players.
  • Lastly, even though CrowdPurr makes great efforts to keep the data packets to a minimum for the clients, having every single client download the same video/image onto their device just eats up unnecessary bandwidth. At the conventions I have attended, good internet coverage is extremely hard to obtain. Anything that keeps overall participant data usage to a minimum is a good thing. The host will most likely have the only good internet connectivity in the room, so it makes since for them to be the only one downloading and showing videos/images/etc.

Anyway, that is my number one feature request. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. :slight_smile:


Hi @suffecool. Agreed, this is a great feature idea and we’ll jump on this. This is low-hanging fruit. I remember when we were releasing this feature, I noticed the cacophony that occurs with YouTube videos.

But the release of that feature happened in the middle of the pandemic, so everyone was virtual and not in the same space. But now it definitely makes sense. Great feature request!


Outstanding news! Glad to hear this is low-hanging fruit. Makes sense that this feature wasn’t a high priority during the pandemic since people were socially distant during that time. Here’s hoping our nation doesn’t go on another mandated lockdown in the near future.

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Possibly low hanging fruit, but would be VERY helpful for my emcee-like hosting…

When the scores are shown (I do it after each question), it would be ideal to have a green up arrow, or a red down arrow, and the number of places up or down a user has moved on the leaderboard.

So when the top guy misses a question, and the #2 guy gets it right, it would show that the NEW #1 went up one rank, and the NEW #2 went down one rank… makes it easier to talk to who got it right and how much mobility there is in the list. When theres more than a few people, it’s hard to keep in mind who was in what spot… I tend to only be able to talk about the top 5 or so.



More feature requests:

I would like a way to search for questions… like if I want to have an “Iron Man” topic, I would love to search the Trivia Database and be able to find questions (or answers) that match, so I can build an ad hoc topical quiz.

I would love to be able to store my own questions that I have created on my own, so I can reuse them later. Maybe I could even have the chance to offer those questions to be included in the database for others to use, following a fact-check review of course!

One last question/suggestion: how should I report a question that may be inaccurate? We have had two or three times when a question came up and a viewer challenged it. Sometimes it’s tricky or vague wording, sometimes it’s the content. But short of creating a support ticket, it might be good to allow a way to “report” a question that may have issues - and if it were from within the Emcee’s interface while performing the event, that would be ideal! (Rather than searching for the question in the database and then clicking some kind of a “report” button.)


I must wholeheartedly agree. I don’t know how many times I hear “Dang, I hit the wrong one!”


At the moment you would need to email us. But adding a “Report Question” would be a great touch! If you email us, we’ll correct it immediately.

Bingo Lingo.
If there was a way to add bingo lingo text somewhere so that when you call a number you could read it.


Not sure I understand. Could you explain in more detail?