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It’s time for coffee mug trivia on Crowdpurr Community! :coffee:

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Good luck!

It’s called an Axolotl

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Axolotls. They’re fascinating creatures.

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That creature is an Axolot!

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An axolotl!!
My friend Erin has two of them in her tank :slight_smile:

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Nice job everyone! We’ll see if we get to five correct answers and choose a winner in another day or so.

In Spanish is an Axolote.(Axolotl in inglish)

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I’m sorry “English”…

Congratulations @TriviaNYC We’ve selected you randomly to win our exclusive “Keep Calm” Crowdpurr mug. :trophy: We’ll PM for details!

Thanks everyone for playing and keep on the lookout on our Instagram for future trivia giveaways!