Bingo Square Draws

I would love to be able to turn rows off for bingo. For instance. If I am doing an “X” shape and we are using the free space, I will not need to draw any of the “N”'s.

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Good idea. We have an update coming soon that adds more customizable patterns for bingo. We’re still testing it, so I can’t give a timeframe but it is completed and being tested. So it should be fairly soon.


Great! Glad to hear. Thanks!

We don’t use the trivia bingo (don’t really like it; can someone really tell the difference between a photo of a vodka tonic and a sloe gin fizz?), but we use the numbers only game often when we’re hosting larger events.

We’re very much looking forward to being able to have different patterns. (Four corners, X, full board, etc.)

We’d love to see a way to end the game and start a new round over that doesn’t require the user to refresh the page or the host to clear the guest responses or require a bunch of linked experiences. Is love to see a “Start New Game with Same Code” button after the game is ended that handles all the back end stuff for us and the player.

We’d love to see a more obvious winner announcement on the host screen - maybe an indication of user name without having to go to the standings screen.

Maybe some better stats for the hosts to help build excitement - “3 players are one away from a bingo!”

We very much enjoy the platform and look forward to it’s upcoming development!

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Copy all @jeff1. Great suggestions. We’re adding many of these very soon. We’re definitely focusing on the experience side of things.

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Any update on the Bingo pattern feature? It’s been a while since this was mentioned as “coming soon”


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It’s been almost a year since I last posted about it…