Football custom bingo


I saw a guy on YouTube do one of these few years back using paper. So I came up with more boxes and ran it for our local bar Super Bowl and everyone loved it. We supplied different prizes for each bingo that hit. Rules I go by were, once a Bingo is called and verified you would stop game and reset and start the next game. You can do however you want, every time you start game over make sure to automatically, call the 0-0 square, so someone doesn’t get stuck. As you will see most are football boxes, but my buddies talked me into adding certain type of commercials, as you can continue the game during time outs. You want a ton of boxes so that it generates lots of different cards.

I have done it for certain Sunday Night Games of local football teams that I know we get a crowd for. I am doing it for the playoffs Sunday Night games and the Championship games. Of course Superbowl will be done as well. Just wanted to share and show you can do different things with the tools Crowd gives you. Suggest someone that is calling squares knows the game of football pretty well as they will need to watch game and call squares as those topics come up during game. Hope you enjoy and have a great year!

Categories for both teams:

4th down conversion
4th down Fail
False Start
Injury Time Out
Missed Field Goal
Challenge Time out
QB Spikes ball (Stop Clock)
PAT No Good
False Start
QB Kneel
3rd Down Conversion
50+ Field Goal
Score 0 – 0

Categories for both teams:

BEER Commercial
NFL Ad ( Something about NFL)
Shoe AD
Fast Food AD
Insurance AD
Cell Phone AD
TIE SCORE (After 0-0)
Touch Back
Fair Catch
Pass Interference
30+ Pass Completion
2 Point Conversion
2 Point Fail
Personal Foul
Car Ad
Potato Chips AD


(Team 1) Add team name then add box name with it ( Team 2) do the same below
EX: 49er’s 3rd down Chiefs 3rd down
3rd Down Conversion
Fair Catch
Field Goal
Lost Fumble
Fumble Recovery
1st Down
Pass TD
Run TD
Time Out
DEF Sack
Pass Complete

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This is really cool. It’s kind of like Predictive Trivia (where you guess what’s going to happen) then the host sets the correct answer to what actually happens. An example:

“What will happen on the first play?”

A. Pass
B. Runn
C. Imcomplete
D. Fumble

But I like applying this to bingo and it just being what’s on your card. We’ll definitely look into this. Thanks again.