Bingo Thoughts and Suggestions

I know we are focused on trivia but I have a few thoughts/suggestions for the bingo side.

I had a client approach me today about doing a custom bingo event. I haven’t played much with the bingo option since it first came out, so I thought I would run it by our regular Thursday “fun” group with a premade “Trivia Bingo” game.

The general impression is that as long as you can just keep hitting all of the squares… at any time… there is really nothing to the game. You don’t have to know answers or even the TV show (we used the Simpsons game). All you have to do is keep hitting squares. All of them. All the time. You could join the game 10 minutes in and just hit all of the buttons to catch up. There is no penalty for hitting the wrong one so why not just keep selecting all of the squares?

So, I had a few thoughts

  1. It would be great if you could treat a “ball” like a question with a timer. Ball is drawn/question read and you only have a 5-10 second window to select the right one. Granted, you could just still keep hitting as many as you could, but there would at least be a limit to only one getting marked as correct.

  2. Would love to see a penalty for pressing the WRONG answer. Say 5 points for the first wrong answer…10 for the next…etc. That is more for trivia bingo, obviously.

  3. If NOT 2, then maybe allow for the wrong ones to be marked? Then, maybe remove points for wrong answers at the end of the game? (Assuming the game is over after 1 bingo)

Just a few thoughts. I would LOVE to be able to offer this to some of the longer term groups we do regular trivia for but there is just no… I don’t know what the word is…gaming element?

My $.02


Thanks for the feedback @dandeibert. Copy all and agreed, there’s some tweaks that need to happen to bingo. We’ve heard the “tap all the squares” problem from other Crowdpurr users as well.

We’re going to be doing some updates to bingo soon. The plan is to launch a version two of it that is new and improved. Fixing the things users have issues with.

One kneejerk idea is to pop up a “Mark this square?” pop-up that must be confirmed, then there’s a penalty if it’s the wrong square. Or have limit to the number of squares that can be marked.

For normal bingo, the current version works well. But for a gamified, trivia bingo, there’s some cheating that can occur for sure.

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