Changing button clours

I am new new new here and trying to learn how to work Crowdpurr. I want to change the colours of the buttons at the very beginning of trivia but i can only to seem to change them once the game starts. Small details- yes. But that’s where my mind goes!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @contact1, welcome to the Crowdpurr Community!

If you are referring to changing the button colors on the sign-in page of the Mobile View (displayed below), these default button colors are actually not customizable under any of our off-the-shelf plans.

However, those button colors can have custom colors implemented under a separate Crowdpurr Custom project at an additional cost. Please feel free to email our Help Desk at if you are interested in setting up a Crowdpurr Custom project for this customization.

Alternatively, our Conference Plan does allow you to customize the button colors for Multiple Choice answer options. For instance, you can set a custom color or use a specific hex code to set the color for an answer option via the Questions tab of the dashboard:

For more information on how to edit answer options, please check out the following page:

Adding, Editing, & Removing Multiple Choice Answers

Hi Jemma,
Thank you for your reply and this information :slight_smile:

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