[SOLVED] Unable to set correct answer; no grey "star" button to be found

I am a complete newbie trying to learn from the Basic free version to decide whether to purchase the Paid version.
I created a multiple choice quiz but I am unable to set correct answer; no grey “star” button to be found on the questions!!
This is EXTREMELY frustrating

Hi @rknipping. Welcome to Crowdpurr.

This is likely due to the fact that you created a poll, instead of a trivia game. Polls and their questions have no correct answer, thus no star to mark as correct.

You’ll need to start over and make sure to create a Trivia Game on the Create Experiences page.

We’re working on making this easier in the future by integrating polls and trivia games. Sorry for the frustration.

You are the best
I will practice a bit and then sign up for the seminar series
I am going to be presenting to medical professionals the art of precision medicine and cardiometabolic hormone optimizing
Across Canada
Starting Jan 2023 so thanks for this wickedly great program


Sounds really cool. Please reach out to us if here on the forum or via email, chat, or phone if you need any help.

If you have any specific questions regarding your use-case, it’s probably best to call or chat with us.

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