Export leads broken?

Error msg when trying to export leads. Other features are non-functioning as wel…

I can confirm that the export leads function is not working for me, either.

They are probably doing some updates. Things get glitchy when they do that.

Truthfully, and I say this as someone that LOVES crowdpurr, the thing that gives me the most anxiety about CP is that little thought in the back of my head that they will update something while I’m running a game for a large client. :anguished:

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Hopefully they have maintenance windows during low-use periods and servers that are dedicated to regions of the world. :ok_hand:

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Which type of experience are you trying to export leads on? If it’s BINGO, we have fixed that issue. If it’s another experience type, please give more details.

We would love to hear more details about any features that are non-functional.

I can’t comment on other features not working but I also attempted to export team rankings during the time frame this was posted and it was only downloading a blank csv. It was doing that for a couple of hours.

It has worked for me since.

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If that ever happens in the future, try refreshing the Experience Dashboard. That will refresh the rankings into memory and then allow the export.

Got it. Will give that a try.

However, it was happening in MULTIPLE experiences. I opened others just to try them out. They were all doing the same thing.

I should also correct… “it was doing that for a couple of hours”. I have no idea how long it doing it for. I tried to export when I saw this post and multiple experiences were doing the same thing. (blank export). I then tried again about 20 minutes later… same issue. I came back a couple of hours later to try again, and they were working. I have no idea as to the total duration, other than the initial 20 minute window.

Yeah, there’s a pesky bug in there that causes the rankings and exports to not work. The good news it’s usually only for a few seconds, so refreshing usually works. We are working on this.

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