Issues with Polls

I do some mentorship on Thursdays and last week we had to do a series of votes with the students so I opted to use my Crowdpurr to hammer out the voting.

We had a number of issues with students going to the URL, but it showing me less people in the Crowdpurr Admin. For instance, there were 13 people voting, but until people started casing votes it would show me 0 or less than 5 people. Then as the votes came in all the numbers would go up.

We also had a number of issues where students cast their vote but it got ‘stuck’ on their end and the vote wasn’t registered, they would have to refresh (sometimes a few times) before the vote went through. It was never consistent, but we had at least one of the things above happen on each vote (we did 9 votes total I believe).

At the end of the vote, I would reset and remove participant answers and then quickly reset while the students did their pitches (this was done before voting).

I do know that many of the students were using a laptop or desktop for Voting since it was handy, but not sure that would cause something like this to happen.

Anybody else run into an issue like this?

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Sorry to hear you had issues. Thanks for posting this. We’ll be happy to look into it. Can you please send an email to with your Crowdpurr login email and the experience code of the poll that had the issues. We’ll look at the logs and data and report back if we saw any errors or issues.

Unfortunately, I removed the experience once it was done as I knew I wouldn’t be running it again.

We’re supposed to do another vote tonight though, so I’ll see if it happens again and then leave it up this time.

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So, last nights poll had 0 of the issues from the previous polls we were doing.

Not sure if it was just a glitchy night for us or what, but it performed flawlessly last night.

If we do this again, I’ll for sure post again and keep the Experience.

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