How can I delete or reset a users profile?

Client Request for us to clear phone Data off the network. Can this be done?


Hi @907networkservices, you can definitely remove a participant from your Experience. As a host, you can remove the participant from the Crowd Leads tab on the Experience Dashboard. Next, find the participant you’d like to remove, click the Edit button then the Remove Participant button.

You can also check the Remove From All Experiences? checkbox when removing the participant. This will remove that participant from all experiences they have participated in so it’s useful when you know the participant no longer wants to be a part of any of the Experiences they have joined.

Your participants can also remove their account directly from their Mobile View. They would just have to click on their nickname located on the top-right and select My Profile. Finally, click on the Delete Participant Account option. Here’s an example of how that would look like for your participants:

MV - Delete Participant Account

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You can also remove all participants from any of your experiences when resetting an experience. When resetting the experience, click the Clear Crowd Responses button and check the Remove Participant Accounts checkbox. This will remove all the participant and lead capture data from Crowdpurr permanently.

If you need to personally save the lead capture or participant response data prior to removing from Crowdpurr, simply export it first.

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