Participants Account removed by default

I want my bingo players contact info to remain when I refresh the game. I need to remove crowd responses so they’ll have a fresh start but I"m losing all the contact data despite NOT selecting ‘Remove Participant Accounts’. In my situation I do not have time to download the data before moving onto game #2, etc. Any suggestions?

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It sounds like our pop-up when resetting an experience is confusing. Here’s what the options do on this pop-up panel.

Keep Crowd Responses - This starts your experience over, but keeps all the answer responses, rankings, etc. It just sets your experience back to the “initial” state (e.g. This experience will start soon.)

Clear Crowd Responses - This starts your experience over, but also clears out any answers, bingo squares, rankings, votes, etc. It’s like pushing the reset button. And it also removes all participants (and lead capture data) from your experience (however not from our system). This makes it so players do not have to enter all their information again on their mobile device when rejoining the experience. This is what you are doing. So if players end up re-joining your experience, all their lead capture information will return too.

Clear Crowd Responses + Remove Participant Accounts - This does the same as Clear Crowd Responses but also deletes every player’s account from our system and forces them to sign in again and enter their lead capture information again thus creating a new account (because this removes their old one). This is useful if you change team names, lead capture settings, etc. And want to reset everything.

So what you’re running into is likely that Clear Crowd Responses does remove all the participants from your experience. You would need to Export Lead Capture Data prior to doing the Clear Crowd Responses. There’s no way to reset your experience and keep the participant and their data, etc. If you want that, then just press Keep Crowd Responses.