Is Question Shuffling Random?

In setting up my first trivia experience, I noticed that when I enabled shuffle mode, the questions seemed to simply index one down (3 questions with three choices, originally all set to answer (A); post shuffle, set to (A), (B), and (C) in order). I first thought this was a curious coincidence, but then I set up a second experience with a very similar structure (3 questions, each with three answers), and again enabling shuffling set them up so that the answers indexed in order (first question = A, second question =B, third question = C).

Is this really how the shuffle feature works, or am I being confounded by a profound coincidence?

The shuffle is random. When you only have three questions, there’s limited orders it’s going to be able to shuffle them into. Try it on 15 questions and you’ll see it’s truly random.


Thanks, Ross! I was hoping that was the case… Jay