[SOLVED] Shuffling Copies First Question's Answer Colors to All Questions

Weird thing.

I import questions from the database. Some of the questions (what color is the zero on the roulette wheel, for example) require me to change the colors on the answers to match what the answer is. (I wish this could be done automatically, btw)

Then, when I shuffle the questions, ALL of the answers take on this new color pattern.

I don’t think it is how it’s supposed to work. Right?

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Hi @dandeibert, thanks for reporting this issue. Do you happen to recall which specific library game you’ve imported questions from that resulted in the answer color variance?

It was from multiple library games. The issue was not present when I imported the questions.

I imported. Checked the questions and realized that I had to change the color options to match the answer options. Then shuffled. When I shuffled, ALL of the questions took on these new colors (Green, Red, Black, White) which just looked… weird.

Hi @dandeibert, thank you for providing these details.

While our team hasn’t been able to reproduce this issue, do you happen to recall the specific steps you had taken to reproduce this issue? (i.e. Hand-selecting questions from multiple library game, adding full games to a new or existing Trivia Game, etc.)

Hi @dandeibert. Thanks for the feedback.

What’s happening is when we shuffle questions and their answers, we save the order of the original answers’ colors (e.g. Blue, Green, Red, Yellow). Then after we shuffle those answers, we re-apply the same colors in the same order. This then shuffles the answer options but not the colors. We do this to maintain answer color consistency how the app does by default.

What you’re seeing with the first question’s answer colors being copied to other questions, was an attempt to save any set colors on the question’s answer options and not overwrite them with a default set of colors (e.g. Blue, Green, Red, Yellow).

I’m not 100% sure why only the first question was considered (maybe we assumed they’d all be colored the same), but this obviously needs an update to apply each question’s answer colors on a per-question basis. Not just applying the first question’s answer colors broadly to all other questions’ answers, which is what it does now. We’ll get this fixed up.

This still won’t fix the issue where if you set an answer option’s text to “Green” and want its color to remain green after the shuffle however. I would say make sure to shuffle first, before updating any answer option text bodies to match their color.

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Just an FYI that this issue has finally been fixed in our 4.1.9 update.

Now when doing a Shuffle Questions, each question’s answer option colors are retained. It no longer copies the first question’s answer option colors.

When adding Shuffle Answers, we do continue to only shuffle the actual answer values, keeping the answer colors in order. We do this to maintain any set answer color patterning. If we shuffled the answer colors too, those patterns would be lost. Yes, this does mess things up if the actual answer goes with the color of the answer option (e.g. an answer option “Red” set to the color red). But usually the former, not the latter is the more common setup.