Can you make True/False answers not random?

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Wanted to share feedback. We use a true/false round & it randomizes the answers which has confused guests as they expect true/false position to remain constant. We manually every trivia we upload fix this & it is frustrating to say the least.

Is there a way that you can make true/false round stay constant as True as option a & false as option b always?

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Yes to this. :slight_smile:

I go through every question set to make sure true/false questions are in the correct order.

Along the same lines… and this one drives people CRAZY… when the answers are colors, have the colors match the words. I manually do this each time because it I don’t… WOW people get mad. :slight_smile:

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Any chance this will be updated? Yep

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Thanks for all the feedback. I was just commenting on another thread about the feature of randomizing the questions and answers for a Crowd Controlled Mode game. So each player sees a randomized version of the game (which only works in non-live non-synchronized modes).

Part of this was to be able to mark a question to not randomize its answers - in case of questions that are true/false, have an “all of the above”, or a numerical increase (e.g. 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years, etc.).

We’re going to work on this above feature. We’ll also update the import CSV to capture this field (of whether to shuffle answers on a given question). So you’ll be able to set this in your CSV when you import and it would satisfy your request.

So… this is coming. Likely in the January update. February at the latest.

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