Leaderboard URL - ability to embed on platform

Would be amazing to have an attendee view Leaderboard URL that can be embedded onto a platform. It would be similar to how the admin projector view link works for leaderboard. but a separate attendee view version

The use case for this would be when using Crowdpurr for trivia, as part as a larger virtual event. It would allow the Leaderboard to be a standalone piece that is embedded on a page within the platform.

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You can do this now… with one caveat.

You can display the projector view, select the leaderboard, and then in the settings of the projector view window, you can turn off “sync projector view”. That way, when you move to another question, THAT window will not move and it keeps the leaderboard there.

The caveat with this, and it’s a bug that @RossN @jemma Crowdpurr should look into… When you do that, the scores update INSTANTLY upon the user submitting the answer. It doesn’t wait for you to mark the question correct. Like I said, I think that is a bug.

The unsynced projector view is a pretty nifty feature.

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Thank you Dan!! I’ve tried the unsynced projector view and it is great. The issue I had was even when embedding that URL, it would only show for admin that were logged into the backend (since its an admin view of it and not an attendee view). It also allowed anyone who viewed it the option to change any of the settings on it (when you hovered over the screen with your mouse).

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Hi @stephenorr. Thank you for the feedback.

We’ve had some requests for this. The big issue with allowing anyone to open the Projector View in an IFRAME is that it allows for data access by anyone who has the URL. So it’s kind of a security vulnerability. Where putting it behind a login, ensures the proper access to that data. Our type of data (e.g. player names, rankings, questions, answers, etc.) is pretty sensitive and most users don’t want it made available to anyone on the Internet with the right URL. So we’ll probably never do this by default.

One work-around is you can always include the Projector View as an element in an OBS stream, and then visually stream it to your players or embed it in a larger system. This is the same idea as just screen-sharing the Projector View. Or capturing the Projector View browser window with the admin-login on the URL. So allowing the visual, but not access to the raw data. Which theoretically is the same I suppose. It’s just that the visual-only is still controlled by your host login, which is important. Allowing any user to actually load and access the data crosses into some murky security/data/access issues. It would warrant exploitations.

I suppose we could add some kind of checkbox that if you confirm that you actually want to do that and are okay with it, then that might work. The viewer would still need the URL which uses the ExperienceID which is basically a password itself. You can’t really guess those, so you will still have some privacy.

I’ll add this to our internal discussion list and we’ll kick the tires on it the idea and see. It’s been requested a few times on the forum. We’ve thought about doing an API too, so it’s the same concept. If you want to publicly share your data, you should be able to. As long as your participants approve of it as well.

This isn’t a bug… it’s a feature! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:The most common use-case for the Unsync Projector View was to allow trade-show booths to set up a full-time always-running leaderboard that tracks player rankings at any given time. They can be multi-game rankings too. This lets a trade-show booth activation have, for example, a Week Long Rankings Leaderboard that is always updating the week-long rankings in real-time as players at the trade-show play the various games that are scheduled for the day from wherever they are, using our notifications feature to know when games are starting. Any use-case can do something like this as well, perhaps streaming a full-time leaderboard or displaying it live in a venue, where just a full-time ever-updating real-time leaderboard is wanted.

This is actually the way all leaderboards work in Crowdpurr. You just don’t notice it because in a Host Controlled Mode game, you typically don’t show the leaderboard until after you Show Live Answers
Results (A)
and Show Correct Answer (C). Then when you pop the leaderboard up using Show Rankings Leaderboard (R) the rankings are up to date at that point because continued answering is prevented after enabling these views and/or the question timer ends.

If you were to do a trivia question and right in middle (or end) go straight to Show Rankings Leaderboard (R), you’ll catch the last few answers still updating in real-time on the leaderboard as it processes the last few that came in right before you enabled Show Rankings Leaderboard (R).

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That makes complete sense. :slight_smile:

On the Mobile View, we indeed don’t update the player’s upper-left score until you enable Show Correct Answer (C) or Show Rankings Leaderboard (R), as to not allow cheating and immediately show their neighbor the correct answer, who conveniently answers right after them. The Mobile View leaderboard, will update in real-time once shown, same as the Projector View.

Given the above corner scoring update rule, it’s reasonable that you thought the Projector View was working similarly.

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I LOVE THE IDEA of an API! Especially for retrieving scores and controlling the experience… I asked once about an API and I think Jemma told me it wasn’t in the roadmap… is it possible that there’s been a change in that?