Remove "Q1" from Question title

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Is there a way to remove the “Q1” before each question in trivia?

I am building a game that uses “Next Round” for each question because we want to see the winners for every single question and then move the guests on at our pace. The problem is that every question now shows “Q1” when we go to the next trivia question even though the question is not always the first question. I searched the settings and couldn’t find a way to remove it within the game.

Is this a possibility? I may just be missing something but I wanted to double check if that is doable. Thanks!


I do not believe it is but I’d be all for it because I’m for every bit of customization that is possible. :slight_smile:

Along these lines, I would also suggest that if you start a round with the “start with a practice question” enabled, the first question should not be question 1 and count in the total question total.

If we are doing a very quick 20 question game, but also using a practice question, it drives me nuts that the first question that “counts” is question 2 and the total questions number is 21. :slight_smile:


Hm, interesting request. At this time, you cannot turn off the Q1. But there’s a some possible work arounds.

In each of your trivia games, you could add dummy questions before the question that you actually want to ask. Then when you Next Round just jump to the question you actually want to do. You could even “pre start” each subsequent round so it’s already on the desired question, versus typing in the question number at the top of the Experience Dashboard to jump questions. This would correct the Q1 being off. But there is still a label that says “This trivia game has X questions”.

The other option is, if you use Fully Automatic Playback with looping, we remove the number from the Q1 and it’s just Q. We do this so you can, for example, make a forever looping game of ten questions and it doesn’t matter when the player joins or on what question. They join, for example, on Q4 then answer all the way to Q10, the game loops back to Q1, they answer Q1 to Q3 and automatically finish because they’ve answered every question. You could try to run each of your Next Round trivia games in this mode. It might be kinda clunky but it would remove the number from the Q1 label.

Report back if one of these work! And we’ve had other users ask to see who won each question… so this is something we’ll work on adding.


Thanks for the reply! I think for now we’re just going to go through with what we have but it would be really cool to see if we can remove this in the future. Thanks!

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+1 woot :clap: would love this. (And, green up arrow / red down arrow on score displays to show movement would be a nice add on)