[SOLVED] Points Wagering Flaws- Teams select "All" but not all are wagered

I’m getting feedback that points wagering will default to half of their accrued points and they are struggling to place their bets accurately. Additionally, I’ve had a team wager more than the points they initially had, and several teams have complained that they’ve attempted to wager all, and were unable.

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Hi @gregstudley,

Our team had previously issued a fix for several Points Wagering glitches in our most recent update. Here’s a bit more information on the relevant fixes based on what you wrote:

  • Not All Points Wagered: For the issue regarding not “All” points being wagered, it sounds like participants may have come across a glitch that entailed updating an answer as correct manually on the Experience Dashboard (i.e. Setting an incoming text answer as correct or changing the correct answer to a question) and caused the Mobile View’s upper-left-corner points to be different than the actual rankings. Thus, participants may see a higher score on their Mobile View but their wagered points were finalized as less because their actual score indicated on the rankings was less. However, this bug had been resolved in the latest update.

  • Unable to Wager: As you have mentioned teams were unable to wager in general, there was a previous bug that occurred after a question was finished on the Mobile View but no Viewer Controls were shown such as the Correct Answer or Rankings Leaderboard. If the next question was in Points Wager mode, then the wagering form would display zero and not allow any wagers. However, this issue had also been resolved in the last update.

Lastly, do you happen to recall if these issues are still occurring for your Experiences or have recently occurred within the last few days?

This occurred yesterday. It’s Carols Birthday we’re in the lead and wagered everything on the final question. The question was multiple choice. Instead, the wing dings won.

This is how I make money and I’ve given very valuable feedback over the past two years, however, the ensuing controversy from these bugs is threatening my livelihood. I’ll give it another chance but I can’t afford to continue this way.

The email captures need to go. Entering team names and emails in a case sensitive form is too complicated. It should be as simple as scanning the QR, entering the same team names and the phones are linked. First answer in is the one that’s recorded.

The code was ZSFLI


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Hi @gregstudley, rest assured we take all bugs seriously. We know how important it is to have a live event go off seamlessly and of course that many of customers make businesses out of using our app.

Just an FYI, capturing an email is your choice. You can turn this off at Experience Dashboard → Leads → Lead Capture Settings → Crowd Lead Capture Settings. However, if you’re using it as a means to allow Basic Teams to sign back in or use multiple devices, then you need to leave it enabled.

For Basic Team Mode, unfortunately we can’t make it this simple. If you could enter the Basic Team you want to join, not only would there be problems matching up errors in how players enter the team names, allowing a “first one to answer gets recorded” would be disastrous if someone wanted to sabotage another team (which happens). Imagine someone signing into a Basic Team and instantly answering with the wrong answer each time.

I looked up ZSFLI and it’s currently showing that It’s Carol’s Birthday won. When I export your Crowd Activity with the raw votes, it appears that you had more than one “It’s Carol’s Birthday” team actually playing, as there’s answers/points rows for a It’s Carol’s Birthday with an email and a It’s Carol’s Birthday with no email, for the same question. So this probably explains the confusion with the team thinking they couldn’t wager all their points, they didn’t have enough points, etc. Perhaps you deleted one of the duplicate teams listed in the rankings?

As of now, Basic Team Mode is designed to have one device playing with other team members assisting not using their devices. It’s not meant to for multiple devices and adding additional devices will result with duplicate team names, unless Allow Participants To Sign Back In is used correctly. This isn’t recommenced though and we’re currently working on a more robust solution. For now, if you limit Basic Teams to a single device, per its design, you won’t have this issue.

If you want everyone to play on their device on a team, use Advanced Team Mode. This is what this is designed for.

There’s another thread going here where we’re discussing a solution to the duplicate teams issue with Basic Team Mode, Improved Basic Team Mode - Follow Along Participants.

I totally get that.

Specifically because of that, I think it’s a good idea to refrain from offering the “new” options until they’ve been thoroughly tested for a month or so.

I would LOVE to offer points wagering to some of our groups but I just can’t. It’s a fun feature but it’s still too buggy and there is nothing worse than trying to explain away bugs DURING a live event. I have no doubt that the bugs will get worked out but until they do, it’s not worth the risk or frustration.

I have a small, weekly group that we use to test features and I keep a close eye on the forums here. It’s hard to be patient while this stuff gets worked out but like you said, your money depends on it so, just like any new software upgrades, it’s best to let others “update” first and watch and see what happens.

Just my .02

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